How to Get Admission to the Best Universities in Europe

Europe has many world-class universities which offer you an excellent education at an affordable rate. While the best universities are hard to get into, you will have to compete with a large number of talented students to get admission, if you put in a lot of effort and hard work to improve your profile as a whole, your chances of admission will be high.

Why Europe?

  • Apart from its exceptionally high quality of education, Europe also offers:
  • A low cost of education since the respective governments pay for graduate students.
  • A large number of grants and scholarships.
  • Modern up to date laboratories filled with cutting edge equipment.
  • Excellent faculty who are world leaders in their respective fields.


The Ideal Profile of a Graduate Student

A minimum of a first class degree with high U.G scores is an important criterion as it denotes a high achieving student whose fundamentals are through.


  • Various test scores are accepted in the countries located in and around Europe, varying from one University’s specification to another.
  • Some Universities require an excellent GRE score of >320 whereas several others do not even require the GRE scores.
  • High GMAT scores will be required for MBA related courses in few European Universities, but this again is a University-specific requirement.
  • A minimum TOEFL scores of 100 (Internet-based) and minimum 250 (Computer-based) is a fundamental prerequisite even to consider your application. Another option is the IELTS, a score of above eight will be required for the best universities.

3. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: Real life research experience, while not required, will separate you from the group. If you have even a single publication in a research journal, the chance of your admission will increase drastically. Even if you cannot do individual research in your area of interest, try to do a minimum of two summer internships in reputed research laboratories or reputed industry laboratories, this will also augment your profile, increase your chances of admission into the college of your dreams.


  • Together these three documents will allow the university to judge if you are a strong candidate who meets their minimum requirements.
  • A well-written resume should highlight your positives and accomplishments in a short and cogent manner, one which will allow the admissions committee to understand your positives.
  • The Statement of Purpose, is your chance to talk with the people in the admissions committee directly. A good SOP should state your desires, explain the reason behind your interest for a particular course, and detail your plans. Even if your academic scores are average, an excellent SOP can improve your chances of admission.
  • Letters of Recommendation, make sure to get them from professors who know you directly, think positively of you. A strong recommendation from professors who are highly accomplished in their fields will show the university that you are a hard working, and dedicated candidate who has the necessary requirements to succeed in their college.


  • Strong academics alone cannot set guarantee you a place in the best universities, extracurricular activities also play a major role.
  • Universities require extracurricular activities since, universities in general look for candidates who are well developed in all facets of life.
  • Community service and volunteer activities advertise the soft side in an individual, are traits that the Universities look for in an ideal candidate. Even if you are strong in all of the above, a 100% guarantee of admission into the university of your dreams cannot be provided, but, the above will increase your chances enormously.

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